Badr El-deen K. A. Mousa, Ahmed Mohamady Abdallah, Amaal M. Elayat, Mahmoud H. Mira


This study is an attempt to contribute to environmental protection by glass waste recycling. The idea is to crush waste glass to powder form and add it to hot mix asphalt (HMA) with different percentages (5, 10, 15 and 20) % as a fine portion. To evaluate using waste glass in HMA, two approaches were carried out based on previous studies. The first approach was to try to improve the mix containing powder glass by adding hydrated lime as anti-stripping agent and that due to stripping problems occurring when powder glass is added to HMA. Hydrated lime was added with different percentages (1.5, 2, and 2.5) % as mineral filler. The second approach was to try to improve the mix containing powder glass by adding cement dust with a percentage of 6% instead of stone powder in the conventional mix. Both approaches try to verify good bond for all mix components. After carrying out necessary tests such as Marshall test and Loss–of stability test, and by analysis of results important conclusions were obtained. These conclusions indicated the possibility of using glass powder in hot mix asphalt with a percentage of 11.25% and hydrated lime with a percentage of 1.375%. Also, improvement of HMA is indicated when glass powder is used with 10% and cement dust by 6%.


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