Ahmed S. Alhunaishi


The capital of dynamic behaviour of drives has been the theme of articles of technical literature. Due to the increasing use of metal industry machines, it is necessary to expand calculation methods to enable the complex dynamic analysis of torsional driving systems of such machines.
The dynamic facts of the drive may be classified to tasks of analysis and tasks of synthesis. In dynamic analysis task, one is mainly interested in controlling and checking the most important parameters in an existing system or in a proposed system. Analysis enables estimation of the stress in individual parts .Also, one can estimate important data, such as the position of critical values of characteristics, maximum values of deformation of flexible elements etc. .
In the task of synthesis, one is interested in the basic data and methods of solution for the choice of mass ratios of stiffness, respecting also the choice of family of loads, proper choice of clearances etc., to fulfill the assumption of the admitable load and the motion of proposed system.
Among the metal industry machines the most important are the press mill machines. In the process of using these machines there is a row of problems, some of which are solved and some other are waiting for a solution. One of those solved is the analysis of the drive of the press mill and the working machine with regard to the characteristics (moments) of the drive (motor).


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