Gamal M. Abdel aal, Maha R. Fahmy, Eslam E. El-Tohamy


Conversed spillway may be some-times considered the best shape from the application point of view according to the dam site. The main function of spillway is energy dissipation. So studying the effect of the spillway conversion on the energy dissipation is very important, In this study the downstream width and the angle of conversion were tested experimentally. The dimensional analysis was used to correlate the different parameters affecting the studied phenomena. Beside that the continuity and one-dimension al momentum equation were used to calculate froud number to derive a theoretical equation for the tail water depth. Also, an equation for the loss of energy was denved using the energy conseration equation It was found that conversion decreases energy dissipation and increases downstream water depth. The theoretical results were found to be in a good agreement with the experimental data. Finally, the results of this study could be recommended in the field of applications.


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