Identifying and Assessing Supply Chain Risks Depending on Product Variety

Abdel Nasser Zaied, Mohamed Mansour, doaa Abdel Naieem, doaa Abdel Naieem


Companies always trying to increase market share and profits by increasing customer satisfaction through the variety in the products they offer. However, at the same time, the Product variety brought many challenges to manufacturing systems and supply chains. Product variety could make a supply chain more exposed to various types of disruptions. There are always associated opportunity risks when variety products. Risk can be defined as the uncertainty of an event occurring that could have an impact on the achievement of the objectives. A natural extension of supply chain management is supply chain risk management. Risk management can't be done without define the risks then prioritize them to mitigate the most important risks. This paper helps in identifying and assessing the potential risks that are likely to disrupt a supply chain when variety products. All product variety risks gathered based on the previous researches of the effect of product variety on the supply chain from 1985 until 2014. The risks grouped under five basic dimensions of supply chain (Marketing, Logistic, Manufacturing, Engineering, and purchasing). Then the risks prioritized using Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchy process (FAHP).

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