Seepage Characteristics under Hydraulic Structure Foundation (Supported by Sheet pile) In Multi-Layers Soil

T.H Nassralla, A.R.M.A Rabea


This paper aims to study the effect of sheet pile on seepage characteristics under the
hydraulic structure floor through soil consists of two layers that for convergence to
exact case similar to studying case in nature. The effect of changing each of the
effective water head, the sheet pile location under the floor of hydraulic structure,
the sheet pile penetration depth in the soil layers and the arrangement of soil layers
was done. In this paper the seepage characteristics was studied experimentally
(Sand Model) and Numerically (Geo-Studio SEEP/W Model). The experimental
and numerical results confirmed that the uplift pressure values decrease along the
floor in case of upstream sheet pile depth was less than half depth of coarse sand
and when the upper layer was coarse sand. The comparisons between sand model
results and numerical results give a good agreement.

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