Experimental Study for the Optimization of Foundation Shapes on Soft Soil

Nagwa Ragab El-sakhawy, Tarek Nageeb Salem, Al-tuhamy Abo Zeid Al-tuhamy, Ahmed Abd El-latief Mohamed


Geotechnical engineers are faced with challenges in selecting safe and economic solutions for the foundations of light structures resting on deep layers of soft clay. Changing the bottom of foundation shape into shell-shaped footings is a solution to avoid using deep foundations or other costly soil improvement schemes.

This paper introduces different foundation bottom shapes that resemble the footing stress distribution over the underlying soft soils in an effort to minimize its effect. Elliptical, trapezoidal and inverted folded footings have been used as an alternative to the conventional flat shallow footings. The purpose of the current study is to present the optimal shape of the foundations, which achieves soil stress reduction, settlements, and consequently lower footing thickness and reinforcements.

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