Examining Free Jump Parameters under the Effect of Two Vertical Overlapping Gates (TVOG)

Gamal M. Abdel-Aal, Osama K. Saleh, Mohamed A. Nassar, Abeer A. Abdel-Ghany


The Jump downstream vertical gate is an effective tool to waste the flow energy. The current experimental work deliberates for the parameters of jump downstream Two Vertical Overlapping Gates (TVOG). The proposed TVOG allows dividing the flow via two openings. The lower one is under the lower gate, while the upper one is proposed between the gates. Experiments are examined on a rectangular flume of 66 cm width, 65.5 cm depth and 16.2 m length. The ideal percentage of the upper opening related to the lower one is detected experimentally. It is found that, working TVOG by upper opening fifty percent of the lower one wastes the flow energy by 52% and shrinks the basin length by 4.3%.


Hydraulic Jump; vertical Gates; Apron; Overlapping gates; Lost energy

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