Using Igneous Rocks as a Coarse Aggregate in Concrete

Mohamed Y. Elsheikh, Ahmed H. Abdel Raheem, Ibrahim Abd Elmohsen Gouda


The study focuses on producing a new type of concrete utilizing igneous rocks (andesite and ryolite) as a coarse aggregate. Thus, four trail mixes were casted for estimating the concrete materials and proportions, also twenty-three mixes were casted with some variables. Four types of aggregate were used (gravel, dolomite, andesite and ryolite) to show the effect of aggregate type on concrete properties. Four aggregate ratio were used (1:1, 2:1, 3:2, 5:2) to show the effect of aggregate ratio on the concrete properties. Pozzolanic material (silica fume) was used with 15% of the cement, water cementatious ratio ranged from (0.22), super plasticizer (viscocrete) was used with (1.5) % of the cement. Ordinary Portland cement was used in all the mixes with cement content (900) kg/m3. Self-compacting concrete tests (slump flow diameter, slump flow time, L-box, and V-funnel) were prepared on concrete on its fresh phase, hardened concrete tests (compression strength, splitting strength, bending strength, and shemidet hammer) were prepared to identify the mechanical properties of concrete.



Concrete; High strength; Self-compacting; Aggregate; Igneous Rocks; Andesite; Ryolite

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