Behavior of Cylindrical Tanks Resting on Port Said Soil

Ibrahim elkersh, Ibrahim elarabi, Omar El Gendy


The problem of settlement in Port-Said area had a great concern for many years.
This is mainly related to the presence of soft clay layers, which extend in some
places to a depth of about 60 m under the ground surface. Parametric study is
carried out to study the behavior of cylindrical tanks under different variables and
conditions in Port Said area. For achievement of the task, typical soil stratification
and properties of Port-said area are considered. The response of circular tanks is
analyzed by a finite element axi-symmetric shell formulation. The analysis
accounts for the soil layers defined by the modulus of compressibility or
compression index. This enables considering sand or clay layers with their
appropriate properties. Full compatibility between the tank wall, tank base and the
soil is considered in the analysis. The study presents guidelines and diagrams for
cylindrical tanks that may be used in Port-Said area.


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