Analytical Approach for Routing Guidance System Considering Vehicular Emissions

Abdelazim Mohamed Negm, Ahmed Elkafoury


Involving the environmental dimension in traffic control methods is the recent trend in transportation research. This paper introduces an eco-routing method that searches for route optima to target the social optimality but considering the user preference as well. A negotiate trade-off between four travel-costs is considered for the route optimality. The four travel costs are the vehicular emission cost, the user instinctive, traffic performance, and the user preference. Fuzzy multi-objective decision optimization is utilized for the decision model to select the optimal route from the fuzzy set of available alternatives between the origin and the destination. The introduced method outperforms the literature eco-routing methods that overemphasizes the most weighted criteria and neglects the decrease of marginal utility or consider the environmental dimension only as a constrain for the travel time minimization problem. 

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