Ahmed E. Hassan, Mahmoud S. Kandeel, Aziza S. Asem, Mona M. Mowafy


The course management system (CMS) is a basic software piece of any educational institution. Web enabled CMS is a tool to handle large number of students institutions. There are many open sources CMS, they are not having software engineering based documentations. This leads to a lot of problems in its maintenance and operation. These systems do not consider the locality and policy of institutions. All open source CMS do not support quality assurance concepts in education. Authors of that research proposed a CMS based on reverse engineering of the open CMS “Moodle system”. Authors applied their reverse engineering approach (Ref. [1]) on moodle to come up with new CMS. The proposed CMS is more maintainable, extendable, and technically updatable. Moodle CMS is analyzed to identify the proposed system's components and their interrelationships. The functionality of the proposed CMS could be improved to be suitable for university with different faculties and departments. New modules for the proposed CMS such as annual course report could be easy to plug to the proposed CMS


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