Maha R. F. El-zawalatry


Culvert is considered one of the main available solutions to avoid failure due to flooding. It's constructed at intersection of a wadi with highway to remove excess water from upstream of highway to downstream to avoid failure of road above culvert. All over the world, we have problems due to the different construction failure across the path of flood. In this paper, we modified the construction of highway above culvert to work as a broad crested weir and integrated with culvert to pass the discharge increases over the culvert. Extensive experimental works were conducted to pipe culvert. Different parameters are studied such as highway height above culvert (h=3.5cm, 7.50cm, and 10.5cm), upstream and downstream side slopes of highway which are 0H:1V, 1H:1V, 1.5H:1V, 2H:1V, and 2.5H:1V. The length of highway above culvert was also studied at different ratios: 30%, 44%, 58%, 72%, and 100%. Finally, all parameters were measured at different bed channel slopes: 0.0, 0.002, 0.004 and 0.006. This study aims to obtain the optimum design of the highway to work as a broad crested weir above culvert with submerged flow to remove the excessive discharge from upstream to downstream of highway. Different figures, and developed empirical equations-to help engineering in design- are also presented


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