Water Balance Modelling for the Sudan's Four Basins of Blue Nile, White Nile, Atbara River, and Main Nile

Mohamed Mohamed Abdellatif Mohamed


This study focuses on estimating the flow discharges along the Nile River and its tributaries in Sudan. Thus, a fifteen years’ data record from the year 1983/1984 to the year 1997/1998 was employed to estimate the transmission losses using the water balance approach. The Nile River and its tributaries are divided into subsequent reaches. The transmission losses are calculated as a percentage of the inflow discharges to each reach. These losses were found to be 1% to 2% on the Blue Nile, 2% to 7% on the White Nile, 1% on Atbara River, 1% to 3% on the Main Nile. A spreadsheet model was then developed to calculate the average annual flow discharges at Dongola Station on the Main Nile. Another data record of nine years was used to validate the model. A good agreement was obtained between the measured and calculated discharges. The results of this research could be a part of a mutually acceptable modeling system in the Nile Basin region.


Nile River, Transmission Losses, Water Balance, Spreadsheet Model, Dongola Station, Modeling System

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