Thermo-Fluid Performance of A Vapor- Chamber Finned Heat Sink

Saeed A. A. Ibrahim, Mohamed Raafat Shaalan, Mohammad A. Saleh


Finned heat sinks have long been used for cooling purposes in many engineering systems.  Flat plate type sinks have been commonly used for the cooling of computer components such as microprocessors, motherboards, power supplies, etc.  In this paper, a flat plate type heat sink provided with fins was examined experimentally.  A vapor chamber was located between the heat source (load) and the sink itself.  Several cases were considered: fins of various geometries and heights, in absence and presence of the vapor chamber, and Reynolds number levels. Comparisons were held and correlations were derived.  The main conclusion is that using a vapor chamber in addition to fins improves the cooling system performance significantly


heat sinks; fins; heat transfer rate; computation; performance; thermal

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