Defining the Hydraulic Dimensions and Operation Conditions for a Multi-Purpose Dam Using a 1-D Model (Case Study: Sue Dam, South Sudan)

A. M. Elbelasy


In this paper, a 1-D model; SOBEK was used for modeling the Sue River, the suggested dam, reservoir and spillway.  The reservoir operations of filling and emptying would be simulated. The average discharge hydrograph was used for the dam design. The model was used for defining the required discharges for the operation of the hydropower generators, domestic use and agricultural use. The exclusive Geographical Information System (GIS) of the model was used to manage the input and output results. The affected huts due to the rising water level in the reservoir upstream of the dam were defined.  The hydropower discharges, dead zone & storage volumes and hydraulic dimensions for the dam and spillway were computed. The study proved that if the Sue Dam was constructed; 40000 feddans would be cultivated, drinking water would be supplied to 500,000 inhabitants all year round, and 9 MW of electricity will be generated for the South Sudan development


Sue River Dam Operation Rules 1-D Model SOBEK Spillway GIS

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