Ahmed A. Elkosy, Khalid A. Abdel-moamen


This paper provides a design and implementation of Fuzzy controller to keep a vessel moving along track line, Carry out the course changing manoeuvres, and compensate environmental changes such as wind speed, waves and sea currents. Data acquisition and control system (DACS) was designed for data acquisition and control of steering system. The input/output conditioning circuits were designed. A three communication ports were designed for interfacing with PC, GPS, and Gyrocompass. The operating system software of DACS were designed to achieve all functions of data acquisition, control tasks, communications, and user interface. The PC software program was designed to achieve all important functions such as data acquisition, data processing, and control functions. The DACS was installed in a real ship in Suez Canal Authority. Calibration of all input signals of DACS were achieved to satisfy that all input signals were correctly red. The output signal was also calibrated to give correct action in steering system. A set of rules are developed for tuning of the fuzzy controller. The fuzzy control system was finally operated to satisfy its performance


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