Ishac I. Ishac, Osama M. Elhussieny, Reda M. Ghamry


Cold-formed steel Z sections are widely used in modern roof systems as purlins .To maintain their continuity, these sections might be overlapped over their interior supports. The overlapping operation introduces cross-sectional changes which would affect the structural behavior of the purlins upon loading. In this study, many parameters that affect the structural behavior of Z purlins are introduced. The finite element technique was used to simulate the structural behavior of lapped connections over the internal supports in multi span cold-formed stiffened steel Z purlin systems. The considered beams had span lengths of 500,600,700 and 800 cm with nominal web depths of 20.0 cm. and thickness 2.0 mm. The work program includes modeling of a single Z section beam with lap lengths 50,100,125,150 and 175 cm. The considered lap models for connected ends lap joint using web bolts at the lap ends plus self-drilling screws at the top flange. The case of simply supported Z purlins is also considered in the work for comparison. Based on this analysis using the (ABAQUS 6.8) the deflections of lapped beams of stiffened Z sections are studied and presented. Empirical equations were obtained to predict the deflection of bolted end lapped purlin. The results based on these equations were compared with the experimental results and good agreement is achieved


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