Adel A. Al - Raziqi, Ali Hussein A. Al - Sanabani, M.R Janardhana, Ahmed A. Al - Aydrus


The objective of this paper is to assess and present the geotechnical seismic hazard in the Dhmararcity, Yemen. During the present study assessment for the geotechnical seismic hazard was carried out in anarea of 100 km radius around Dhamar city. Based on the Geotechnical data obtained for this study,Seismotectonic maps are constructed showing the major lineaments to trend in NW-SE, NE-SW and SWW-NEE directions that attribute to the general directions of the axial of the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden. Theearthquake catalogue of the region facilitated the classification of seismicity of the region into three majorseismic periods. Thebvalue is classified as low and is the characteristic of the continental rift zone thatcorroborates well with the geological evolution of the study area. Isointensity zoning and PGA maps withtwo epicentral distances of zero and 50 km were constructed. The Isointensity maps indicated that theintensity of the entire study region ranges from II to VIII on MMI scale. Micro level study carried out in theimmediate vicinity of Dhamar city indicates the region to be slightly hazardous whose intensity ranges fromII to III on MMI scale. The PGA values for the region and the area under investigation vary from zero to 500and 20 to 180 cm/sec2respectively. Based on the geotechnical field evidences and statistical data, therelation between seismicity, volcanicityand thermal springs are strong.


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